Quality Injection Mould Making & Precision Machining

AMERJY is a small business focusing on precision machining and building innovative and reliable tooling solutions on time, every time. Currently customers include a diverse range of industries including automotive, medical, pet merchandise and consumer products.

Our success is due largely to the consistent quality of our products and attention to detail. We have built a discriminating customer base who knows that every tool built will be of the highest quality. Amerjy tools function consistently and reliably without having to rely on unnecessary and costly back and forth tool testing. Our clients have come to appreciate a cost effective service that is completely personalized. Our pricing is based on quotations per completed job, not fluctuating "estimates", and we stand behind our tools and quotes 100%.

The Amerjy Team

Serving Hamilton and the Surrounding Area for Over 15 Years

  • High quality, long running aluminum injection moulds
  • Highly experienced in deep tooling
  • Custom machining services
  • Fast turn around times
  • Tool modification
  • Part design
  • Tool design
  • Production CNC Vertical Machine Center work
  • Limited production runs on custom machining
  • Tool analysis for troubleshooting purposes
  • Polishing and bench work
  • E.D.M. burning
  • Access to manufacturing facilities for running production tools and testing

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