Product Development with 3D CAD Design

We specialize in Optimized Part and Tool Design!

Our designs anticipate and compliment all stages of manufacturing to accommodate function and cosmetics.

We offer qualified CAD designers:

  • That can take your basic thoughts and develop your product with you
  • In your office, with your team
  • Making changes and implementing feedback immediately on the spot; expediting the design and approval process.

Our designs help to:

  • Minimize cycle times
  • Reduce part weight
  • Improve logistical costs

Prototypes are also important with design and we can provide 3D Printed parts for your approval that can be used for:

  • Test fitting
  • Checking the fit of an assembly
  • Inspecting undercuts
  • Comparing ergonomics or how the part feels in hand
  • Calculate nesting and shipping

We can design a mould meant to:

  • Make anywhere from dozens to millions of parts
  • Improve flow
  • Reduce knit lines
  • Minimize wasted plastic
  • Provide what you need and not meant to break the bank.
3D CAD Design

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